Duck & Waffle has been boasting its panoramic views and twist on European-British fusion since their opening in 2012. With slight skepticism and the general consensus from close friends that I would be pleasantly surprised, I booked a late Saturday brunch to try the restaurant out with my partner, whose interest only perks up as fervently as it does when it concerns food or Star Wars.

The subsequent melancholic consequence of growing up in Hong Kong with the endless towering skyscrapers is the loss of wonderment discerning restaurants in highrises and their ‘stunning’ landscape. Nonetheless I was alert and excitable as soon as I stepped into the lift and was whisked vertically up towards the 40th floor. That Saturday was fortunately filled with sunshine; light flushed onto the marbled tiles from the ceiling to floor windows throughout the restaurant. I had to admit – the décor and view did impress and leave me with a sense of awe. And it was not just the beaming smile from my date.

Smoked Eel | Horseradish | Samphire

This starter I honestly did not expect to enjoy as much as I did. Adam actually ordered this – the smug look on his face when I announced that my starter was rather bland and not as ruby-red fresh as I had anticipated (the yellowfin tuna tartare); and the even wider grin when he offered me a forkful of his and my face fell in disappointed defeat that he had the better starter…oh, of all the smug looks I have seen… The eel was not at all overpowering like many smoked fish and not as oily as I had thought. The sour jelly, dill and horseradish cream complimented the flavour of the smoked eel and did not render the eel undetectable amongst their distinct piquancy.


Fried Duck Egg | Duck Leg Confit | Waffle | Mustard Seed Maple Syrup

With all the hype surrounding this dish, I guess it is all in the simplicity of the ingredients. It is essentially a fried duck leg with a fried egg on top of a waffle…doused in as much syrup as you want. I do not think you can really go wrong with this dish. However, I would not claim this to be the best dish they have on the brunch menu… Then again, perhaps I’m biased as I believe that I had ordered the better dish and Adam had this for his main.


Duck Congee | Confit Duck | Slow Cooked Organic Egg | Spring Onion |
Ginger | Hazelnuts | Hot Sauce

This. This is possibly the best congee I have ever had in my life. I claim this boldly, with full acknowledgement and understanding that I have been fed congee since birth it seems and have been fortunate enough to experience great Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine internationally. I cannot fault this dish other than I wish I had ordered another one. The mixture of the tangy and mild heat from the hot sauce with the salty soy sauce in the spoonful of the perfectly soft texture of the congee rice was heavenly. I was so ecstatic with this dish, I have a vivid flashback of myself making a happy purring noise. It was made even better when I broke the egg and the yolk just cascaded everywhere like delicious golden yellow lava, and instead of leaving destruction in its wake – all it left was me gripping my utensil and spooning its yolky goodness around the bowl. The duck confit – Jesus, it was a succulent piece of leg with a crispy outer skin and no layer of fat that I could detect; that slight gamey taste was delicious spooned with all the other ingredients and the whole roasted hazelnuts gave everything an ending satiating crunch with a lingering nutty aftertaste. I really cannot express how much this dish has left me in awe. I definitely recommend ordering it instead of the duck and waffle…but I guess in the end it is your own choice. Order it…



Nathalie’s Rating: 4.5/5

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