FOOD: 21


I had not been feeling at all well during the week, and with the stress of organising and strategizing all the logistics of me moving back to Hong Kong – I think my immune system suffered a large blow, and I was getting the chills and the oncomings of a sore throat. Adam and I had scheduled a busy Saturday with Borough Market in the morning, and then catching a free tour of the array of Turner’s work and history at the Tate Modern with Rory. By the late afternoon, I was weary from a severe lack of caffeine (at that point I probably needed water more than I actually needed caffeine), and sustenance. After dropping Rory off at the Westminster tube station, we huddled for warmth and I used Adam as a heat-radiating crutch as we walked eastwards.

Somehow, we kept walking and ended up at the Covent Garden Piazza – and Adam’s senses tingled and notified him that I was getting rather hangry – which is a normal state for me to be in when I am hungry and therefore suffering from a supplementary symptom of frustration and anger. We decided to sit down for a quick early evening meal.



Warning: an entire bottle of Rioja was needed after all that walking in the cold and rain, and I recommend ordering this easy drinking wine. Though the waiter said it was more full-bodied, this was more of a medium-bodied for those of you who enjoy a real full-bodied red vino.

Alla Roma Pizza
Mozzarella | Parma Ham | Rocket | Mascarpone | Red Onion

I had one slice. It was absolutely divine. The pizza crust was thin and crispy, the parma ham was fresh and not overly salty as many are, and the combination of the red onion and mascarpone was…well, I cannot find the words but I was disappointed the slice disappeared so quick.


Salt Marsh Lamb Ragu
Root Vegetables | Lamb | Tomato Gravy | Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia

As you can tell from the photograph I took, I had added quite of bit of black pepper. This was just a personal preference and does not deter from the warming and hearty nature of the dish. The lamb was soft and the consistency of the ragu sauce was just perfect. I have to say that perhaps for the entire week, this meal was the most enjoyable I have had – and I was not at all expecting deriving that much enjoyment from my meal.


Nathalie’s Rating: 4.6/5

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